With over 20 years experience in the arboricultural industry you can expect a professional, knowledgeable and proficient service. Our consultants Tim and Ed enjoy continued professional development in order that we as a company exceed industry best practice in standards of delivery. Our consultants deliver intelligent solutions throughout our suite of reports. If you don't see what you need, call us and we will come up with a solution that fits your requirements.

Tree Safety Survey

Homeowners, land managers, landlords, occupiers and heads of schools have a duty to do all that is reasonably practicable to ensure that people are not exposed to risk. This duty is established in criminal law under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, and in civil law under the Occupiers Liability Acts of 1957 and 1984. In addition to this the Highways Act of 1980 places a statutory obligation on tree owners to prevent trees from causing an obstruction to roads and footpaths.

Individuals who have newly recognised their responsibilities of duty of care with regard to their tree stock require intelligent, competitive and professional help. We like to afford our clients value for money by thinking outside the box when making our assessment of  the health and safety of tree stock. To us that means; what are the long-term effects of particular plantings in terms of hazard management and the cost effectiveness of early management proposals which are pre-emptive.

We can audit your current practices to check your liabilities are adequately covered.

Individual tree condition survey

An individual tree condition survey carried out by our consultants will thoroughly examine the structural, physiological and cultural conditions of the tree in question, going above and beyond the level of detail that would normally be considered in a safety survey. The survey would consider the following factors:

  • Tree health
  • Structural defects
  • History of failure (subject tree and others nearby)
  • Predisposition of the species to failure
  • Recent nearby changes or disturbance (ground conditions and shelter)
  • Prevailing ground conditions affecting stability
  • Exposure to weather
  • Etc.

In consideration of the above and weighing up all these elements allows us to make reasoned recommendations for remedial works, future inspection frequency and management proposals. This may be in order to try to improve vitality of the tree or to remedy hazards which the tree presents

We can employ a number of methods of detailed inspection including decay detection using sonic tomography. We can offer aerial surveys of trees to closer inspect defects which are not easily viewable from ground level.

Trees in relation to design, demolition and construction (BS5837)

Aimed at developers and those managing construction projects where there are trees present either on or within influencing distance of the site, we can supply you with a report which conforms to the guidance set out in British Standard BS5837: 2012 in order to satisfy the requirements of the local planning authority.

The report will consist of a tree survey of all those trees either on or influencing your site, highlighting not only their condition but their suitability for retention. This information is then used to produce a plan indicating the constraints posed by the trees to development and a draft tree protection plan. These are both then used to inform the final design for the development site.

Following agreement of the final design, we would produce a report assessing the arboricultural impacts of the final design and then produce an arboricultural method statement and a tree protection plan detailing the mitigation and protection measures required.

Subsidence Survey

Where trees are growing in close proximity to buildings or infrastructure, there may be the potential for the roots to cause damage to the structure either through direct mechanical action or through ground shrinkage and expansion caused by the uptake of water by trees in shrinkable soils.

Our consultants have the ability to take soil samples and measure plasticity index so we can suggest the best course of action to stabilise the structure in question.

Planning applications for trees with a preservation order (TPO) or within a conservation area

If you have trees within a conservation area or with a TPO applied and would like works carried out to those trees, we can submit and manage the application with the local planning authority on your behalf. For trees in conservation areas, an application for works must be submitted if the tree stem diameter is greater than 75mm at 1.5m from ground level. Our fees for submission and management of these applications is as follows:

Conservation area applications: £60.00 + VAT
Application for works to tree with TPO: £90.00 + VAT

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