Welcome to Treetops forestry and arboricultural training.

With more than 20 years of experience delivering high quality Arboricultural and Forestry training, contracting and consultancy. Our instructors deliver practical training, leading to nationally recognised qualifications in Oxfordshire and across the UK with our 'Your site' training. r energetic designer is able to source the best quality plants from all over the country. As plant specialists we are meticulous about plant quality to ensure that our client’s gardens thrive.

We can help you to:

  • Choose the right training course that suits your needs,
  • Learn the skills you need in a friendly atmosphere,
  • Think safely and work safely,
  • Be compliant with legal and Insurance requirements ,
  • Expand your skills base,
  • Build on existing skills and refresh them,
  • Increase your profitability and professionalism,

Treetops provides:

  • Purpose built training facilities in Oxfordshire
  • Tea, biscuits and a friendly face when you arrive and throughout your training with us
  • Highly qualified instructors that are friendly, approachable and very experienced
  • A list of local bed and breakfasts
  • The opportunity to try before you buy chainsaws, PPE and climbing equipment
  • High quality felling sites where training and assessments can be delivered without compromise
  • A common sense learning experience which is safe, enjoyable, unbiased and inclusive
  • Training courses which have integrated assessments (ITA)
  • Training courses independently assessed by approved NPTC assessors (License to operate)
  • Refresher training for the occasional or regular operator (ITA)
  • A passionate responsible approach to working within our urban and rural landscape

So that you can deliver!

Whether you are just starting out, a farmer, gamekeeper, landscaper, tree surgeon or domestic operator there are a wide range of courses available for you. Your starting point will normally be the safe use of a chainsaw.

The three categories of training courses explained:

  • Training courses leading to independent assessments by NPTC assessors (The pre-requisite route for the professional operator) or for someone who wants to leave their options open.
  • 'ITA' - Instruction, Teaching amd Assessment combined. All carried out by your trainer. This route is often preferred by the domestic operator and the farming community but does limit your progression without the independent assessment.
  • Refresher training - now mandatory for HSE compliance. Every 5 years for full time operators and every 2-3 years for occasional operators. Refresher training courses are a great way of keeping your skills current and allow you to learn more advanced techniques and skills.

Reasons you should be trained:

  • Chainsaw training is mandatory under the provisions of PUWER - The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations
  • Training is essential to ensure your safety and that of the people who may come into contact or be affected by your work place
  • Allow the correct selection of PPE - Personal Protective Equipment
  • Carry out work safely and efficiently
  • Increase your profitability
  • Recognise the legal constraints and obligations of cutting down live trees
  • In order that your insurance is not invalidated

Training facilities:

We have training facilities just outside Banbury in Oxfordshire. This is close to both Moreton Morrel College and Moulton College. In this location we have felling sites provided by our partners. For the benefits of being our partner please see our Partners page.

We also provide a service in which we can train you on 'Your site' at your facilities.

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